Laniege Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

I haven't blogged for quite a while.  Today, I am going to publish few reviews on the products that I have been trying recently.  Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel is an exfoliator to remove dead skin cell. It's very gentle for all skin types.  I like this product in the tube packaging, which is much more hygienic compared with the product used to be in a container few years ago.Exfoliating skin is a very important step of skincare regime.  I am always looking for an exfoliator which can provide a smooth, radiant skin after use without drying skin.  Most of the exfoliating I tried are too harsh, which turned my skin very dry.  I used to exfoliating once a week, and followed by a moisturizing mask or collagen mask.

Cost: $29 CAN (including tax).  I bought it from Amore store.





Texture:  Creamy 
Scent: Strawberry Yougurt.  Very pleasant smell. I love it.

Results: The skin is softer, smoother, cleaner and radiant.  But I don't see the effect last longer than one day.  I found most exfoliator dries my skin and my skin would started to peel.  However, I have been using Laniege strawberry yogurt peeling gel few times, and so far the product hasn't dry my skin yet. hygienic.  I do reconsider purchasing this product again.  Remember this product is very gentle, don't expect this product would clean up the whiteheads or blackheads from pores if you have oily or problem skin.

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