Stella and Dot & J. Crews jewellery haul

It has been a long time I haven't blogged. Why? Life has changed since I have a 2-year-old lovely daughter. A child is truly a blessing to the family. It was challenging for the first year of going back to work since maternity leave. When my daughter was sick, I would be sick.  She cried in the middle of the night, and we struggled to put her to sleep and next day we got to work with deprived sleep.

I  learned that I have to take some time off from the family to do something that I enjoy. Whether going out for a walk, or shopping with a girlfriend, it helps myself to balance my life. No doubt that I love my husband and my daughter. However, the little time break helps relieving stress and makes myself feeling good. I enjoy going to massage especially to pamper myself.
My husband and I also try to keep regular gathering with friends. We are blessed to have supportive parents and parents -in-law that they are able to take care of our daughter for couple of hours.

Shopping is a way to relieve my stress. Recently, I had purchased some jeweleries.  I know Stella and Dot from my colleague, whom I admire her chic style and beauty.  Their jeweleries are known of free of lead and nickel. I think that it's good for myself and my daughter as I try to keep away from the harmful chemicals.  I love their jeweleries design as they are very versatile.  The pieces that I order online are good for everyday wearing. The process was quick. The next day i ordered, i already received an notification that the products were shipped. look at the packaging.  Isn't it adorable? It's great for giving as a gift.  

A side note: I ordered twice online, and found that the pieces I like are out of stock. The backorder will not arrived almost two months later.  It seems that this company has to improve its supply chain.

Stella and Dot jeweleries:

I went to the states couple weeks ago. I picked up a necklace and a bracelet at J.Crews which was 50% sale.  Great deal!

The bracelets are full of stones all around. Beautiful!
The necklace is a long chain with crystal balls wrapped.

J.Crews Jeweleries: