Clarins Hydra-quench cream mask Review

Source: Clarins
What does it claim for?

Quickly restores moisture balance even in the most dehydrated skin by boosting natural hydration mechanisms. Smoothes fine lines leaving skin soft, fresh and comfortable. Also ensures a radiant complexion.

Active Ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid : helps skin maintain its moisture reserves.
Katafray bark : restructures the corneal layer, prevents dehydration.
Sobier tree bud : boosts microcirculation.
Vitamin E :
protects skin from free radicals. E3P Anti-Pollution Complex protect

Packaging: I got a sample size in a pouch in which the amount of mask allows me to have two trials.

Texture: white Creamy

Scent: Floral

Directions to use: Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. It can also be applied to the eye contour area. Tissue off with toner/rinse off.

Result: I have seen a lot of good reviews for this product on the website. I have high hope on this product especially I love the Clarins HydraQuench Line. I have the Intensive Bi-phase serum and HydraQuench cream-gel which are my saviours for dehydrated and thirsty skin in
times. However, I am pretty disappointing about the trials because I don't see any hydration/cooling effects. I was wondering if I had not applying the mask correctly or the sample pouch was not stored properly at the store. I receive another sample size and I will give another try and see if there is any change of my perspective on this product.

1st trial: leave it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off. The white cream mask remains the same after 10 minutes. It doesn't have any cooling effect or I feel like moisture on my face. I rinse it off.

2nd trial: Leave it on for an hour and rinse off. No hydrating effect.

For people who had already bought this mask. Here is a tip that I search for the review for this product (Source: Beetrice's Reviews) : If you want better absorption of the cream mask, it was suggested that you place a mask on top of the cream mask after 10 minutes and gently massage your face.


I have tried hydrating mask in tube/container for several other brands: Aveeno, Biotherm, Lancome, Jurlique, Valmont. Except the Valmont one, I found that the hydrating mask in paper form is more effective.

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