Ultraskin Make Up Base SPF24 PA++

The product label claims that all the pores especially on the nose area will be disappeard after applying this product. I will post up the before/after pictures on my nose soon. (where I need to find a better lighting)

I got this product not for the minimizing effect of pores; however, I was looking for a makeup base to brighten up the skin for some days that I look very tired/dull. This is a great product with both brightening the skin tone and pore minimizing effects. Also, the products come with SPF 24 which is sufficient for sun protection.

The product comes with a plastic scoop which you can dap the liquid on the skin.

The texture is very lightweight and runny. (much lighter weight than the liquid foundation, and never give any cease on laughing line/under the eye) Great for summer and for people who are looking for a very natural sheer look.

How to use: Use the scoop the get the liquid out and dap on your skin. I use very little (2 drops) which can cover my whole face. I usually dap one drop on my forehead and face

Most of the time, I use foundation brush to blend the make up base evenly on my face. But I don't think that it's necessary to use foundation brush, it's just my preference, using fingers to blend the make up base is fine as well.

The make up base quickly blends in and I feel like I just put on a very water-based moisturizer.

I strongly recommended this product if you are looking for a radiant sheer look. The coverage is very light. It doesn't make any cakey look because of the moisturized formula. It gives a brightening effect instantly and even the tone of my face and last quite for a day. The base controls oil pretty good. Usually my nose will appear to be oily by noon, but after applying this make up base before my Laura Mercier mineral foundation, my make up last during the day. I don't have big pores problem, usually any other makeup base would help. So, I can't really make a comment.

The original price is 1050 Yen (~$12.2 CAN/11.2 U.S.). I got this product from Pacific Mall for $19.99 CAN. Later on, I just knew that I could actually buy it from Sasa for $10.2 U.S. which is cheaper than the price shown on the bottle. oh well...I paid for the consultation service since I was talking to the sales rep. in the store and asking for a brightening make up base and she recommended this product to me.


Origins Youthtopia Age-Correcting Serum with Rhodiola - 30 mL $50 U.S.

Source: Origins website

I picked up a few products from Origins store during San Francisco trip: Origins Modern Friction, Origins Youthtopia Age-Correcting Serum with Rhodiola, Firming eye cream with Rhodiola &Skin firming cream with Rhodiola. I was also given some free samples: Frothy face wash 150 mL, some pouches of Skin firming cream and body cream.

At first, I was just picking up this brand due to curiosity. So far, I only opened Modern Friction and Age-Correcting Serum. However, the outcomes of using these product are outstanding. I can't wait to try the eye cream and the firming face cream.

I am going to focus on Origins Youthtopia Age-Correcting Serum with Rhodiola today. Modern Friction's review was posted earlier.

This product comes in a glass container with a glass dropperinside. One drop of the serum is enough for covering under eye and laugh lines. (these are the two areas I have fine lines).

I really liked how firm and tight my skin felt after using the serum. My under eye finally looks smooth after the serum is completely absorbed into face. This serum makes me feel like I'm really doing something to maintain my skin from the pollution.

After using this serum for three days, one of laughing lines has almost disappeared. The other one which was more noticable looked fading as well. The under eye area looks smooth now. The fine lines around my lower lashes are still there. Hopefully, the results would be more noticeable after a longer period of time. However, I am really happy about the results after only 3 days. I really hope that the results would last and my skin condition is getting better.

How to use: After toner, only 1 drop is enough to cover the under eye and the laughing line area. I distribute the drop to under eye and laughing line area, and massag my skin until the serum is totally absorbed. Then, apply your favourite moisturizer and eye cream. Since I am not sure how potent this serum, I use very little amount of eye cream.

For your reference, other products that I had tried but have no effect on fine lines/dark circle: Vermont eye cream, La Prairie eye cream circle, Sisley Eye Balm.

Benefits: patent pending Rhodiola promotes skin's natural repair to help reenergize, visible correct lines, and renew skin's vibrant and youthful function.

Water, Leaf water, citrus aurantium amara flower water, anthemis nobilis flower water, butylene glycol, glycerin, silica, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, rhodiola rosea root extract, hydrolyzed rice extract, pelargonium graveolens flower oil, sweet orange oil, patchouli oil, nutmeg kernel oil, citracal, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, eugenol, limonene, cinnamyl alcohol, soybean polypeptide, argania spinosa leaf extract, sweet almond seed extract, St. Paul's wort extract, polygonum cuspidatum root extract, phyllanthus emblica fruit extract, arabidopsis thaliana extract, algae extract, wheat protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, sucrose, caffeine, sage leaf, sodium hyaluronate.

They claimed that they used essential oil in the formula.


Oxy Daily Facial Cleanser- Great product for pimples

I don't have pimples that often..maybe less than 5 pimples per year. I used to use oxy anti-acne ointment and biotherm anti-acne ointment for the acne. However, recently my sister recommended Oxy Daily Facial Cleanser to me. This product is amazing for acne. Thank you Sis!

There was an infection underneath my nose area few days ago. I could feel the bump when I touched it but the bump wasn't noticeable. It could have turned out to be a big pimples right at the center of my nose if I didn't use this product-Oxy Daily Facial Cleanser.

I faithfully used the amount that was enough to wash the area of the pimple every morning and night. Not the entire face, because I have dry cheek. Most of the acne products have drying effects because of the salicylic acid. After a day to few days, the bump was totally gone!!! The red nose is never going to happen!  I found that the bump could develop to be a pimple much faster using the acne ointment, just from my personal experience. 

I have tested this products so many times and it works wonder for me.  Acne ointment somehow did not provide the result i wanted.

Ingredients: 2% salicylic acid -the chemical that clear up the pores.
Non medicinal products: water, glycerin, polyethylene glycol-120 methyl glucose dioleate, cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, hydroxycetyl hydroxyethyl dimonium chloride, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, fragance.


Lunasol water cream foundation

Source: Lunasol website

My package from Adambeauty finally arrived. It's the Lunasol water cream foundation OC02. I heard the raves from Fuz and Jess and thank you for recommending this product on your blogs and also thank you for helping me to find the right shade.

The texture of the foundation is like gel-cream, like the Clarins gel-cream that I use. Since the product claims for containing 60% water, the foundation is easily blended to the skin without using any brush. Just like applying moisturizer with fingers, and the foundation is blended with the skin with good sheer coverage. The foundation also has brightening effect without cakey look. If you are looking for a very natural look with coverage, I strongly recommend you to try Lunasol water cream foundation. I got mine at Adambeauty for $48 U.S. The foundation comes in a container and a scoop. Upon opening the container, you will see a plastic lid over the foundation to protect the moisture within the foundation. Use the scoop to take some foundation out and dot it on forehead, nose, cheek, and chin. Afterward, I usually get rid of all the foundation from the scoop and wash the scoop with makeup remover. I haven't tested the lasting power of the foundation yet....will continue.

Finally, I found my favourite foundation!!! I am so happy! The shade of the foundation matches my skintone very well. Perfect! Now, my eyes are on the Lunasol eyeshadow palette. Maybe I will get them when I travel to HongKong in November.