Excellent Collagen Mask

Excellent Collagen Mask -Product of Japan
Formulated with active ingredient from Natural Extract

I got this mask free when I placed an order at Sasa. This mask claims to make the skin to be firm, healthy and radiant.

Action: Rich in bio-marine elastane, the mask improves muscle tissue elasticity restoring its smoothness and firmness o the skin. Toning, restructuring, this mask also cleanses the skin, helps it to eliminate impurities and restores the hydro content of the upper layers of the skin.

To use: Apply mask onto cleansed face. Fit cut-off portions over eyes and mouth. Tap lightly with a finger until mask completely adheres to skin. Leave for 20-25 minutes and rinse with water. Use twice a week.

The skin seems to be whitened after the application. The skin tends to be dry. Water-based moisturizer would be beneficial after use. I feel the skin a bit tightened, but the pores on the skin seem to be the same, not minimized. (although I don't have large pores, but the some pores on my nose are visible) I wouldn't recommend to purchase it. Not much effect.


Sweet Honey Pack

Sweet Honey Pack- Supplement honey extract to make your skin moisturize and softly.
(Wash off type)

I got this Sweet Honey pack, product of Korea, for $4.5 U.S. from Sasa. The product label states that the product will allow the dry skin becomes more radiant smooth and also has whitening effect. It claims that the honey extract has multiple natural ingredients that exfoliate the dead skin and promotes metabolism; strengthen the elasticity of the skin.

Ingredient: COSLINE Sweet Honey Pack contains extract of honey (1700mg), which can smoothen rough and dry skin. Increasing skin brightness, whiteness and softness. Rich nutrient from honey can maintain skin in health condition as well as cleansing dead cell. Encouraging metabolism, and increase skin energetic and elasticity. Balancing skin moisturizing level, and controlling melanin synthesis. This product is not as sticky as real general honey. Wash off type for easy usage. (from the product description of Sasa.)

How to use: After cleaning the face, use sufficient amount to even spread on the face, avoiding the mouth and eye areas. Massage gently and leave the product on the face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

The smell of the product is like Ginseng rather than Honey. The texture is a bit sticky , but not as sticky as the real honey. I am not sure if it's from the chemical used , or Ginseng is one of the ingredients. The product doesn't have any ingredients stated on the bottle. After the first use in December (winter), the face becomes smooth and softly and a bit radiant.