New skincare purchase

I already told myself not to buy any skincare products in the short term since I still have some stocks. However, I passed by Clarins counters today and I pre-order the Clarins Multi Day cream which will substitute the Clarins Hydration cream-gel that I use everyday in the coming winter. Also, I got the SPF40 sunscreen. The texture of the sunscreen is thin, and lotion-like. Very smooth and light. This is a pre-order promotion, so I will get a gift (which is a $70 value hydration package) and a free facial. I will do a full review on the Clarins products later on.
I also receive some samples to try: Super Restorative wake-up lotion, hydra-quench cream mask, Multi-Active Skin renewal serum and Multi-Active day cream. Can't wait to try them. Let me know if you are interested for any reviews of those above products.

Also, sales on My Daily Beauty Masks at T&T supermarket for $12.99 + tax. I got the Strawberry yogurt (I haven't tried this yet), Aloe (very moisturizing, good for winter) and Q10 (haven't tried this as well).

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Shopn'Chomp said...

Hiya! I'd love a review of the hydra-quench cream mask! :)