Aveeno Intense Relief Therapy

I am insane with skin care/cosmetic products. I always want to try new things to enhance my skin conditions. Especially in Canada like -25C, heater in the house is mandatory. At the same time, my skin became very dry. My lips are chapped badly. I bought this product from shoppers. This product is not cheap, it's about $7 for a container of 5.7g lip balm inside. Compared with Petroleum Jelly, Aveeno lip balm is expensive. Due to the convenient size of Avenno, I gave a try to this product. I do recommend Petroleum jelly to mske a smaller size for portal use.

For the first use, this product is amazing. It quickly relieves the pain of my chapped lips where the lips are kinda torn with blood. Among other brands/products, the advantages of this balm are 1) it doesn't give greasy feel, 2) the balm stay on the lips to provide moisture longer. For example: I would still feel the blam on my lips after drinking without applying the balm again.3) it gives a mint on the lips.

The product in the container is the only thing that I concerned. I used my little finger to apply on my lips, and most of the time, I don't get a chance to wash my hands before use. It would be great if the product came in the lipstick container style.

Anyways, it is still the best lip balm I ever used!

aveene soothing mask

The product label claims to contain rich in nutritive elements. As soon as I apply Avene's Instant Soothing Mask I can feel it hydrate and nourish your face. Luscious and unctuous, it is quickly absorbed by the skin to quench its thirst for moisture and softness. Velvety and creamy to the touch, it leaves the skin feeling soft, soothed, fresh and revitalized. When my skin was very drenching for moisture, I left the mask on before going to bed. My skin became supple the next morning. I don't see much about my skin glowing. Maybe my skin condition is not bad, so that I don't see much difference in terms of glowing. In conclusion, I strongly recommended this product for anyone whose skin is drenching for moisture. I got this product at Shoppers for $30 sth.

This might not be the best mask for hydration but definitely it's a keeper for me, personally, my skin gets irritated during the season change. My skin would started to have bumps, flaky cheek/nose. I would use this product every night as a mask after hydrating toner and leave it on as a moisture to sleep until my skin gets back to its normal condition.