Snow in October!

I couldn't believe that snow was falling down in Toronto in October. This year, the winter has even come earlier compared to last year. It's very chilly and I have been put on extra layers. This week has been going so slow at work.


Kanebo Whitening mask

Direction of use: Wash your face well and pat your face with lotion first. Take a mask and spread on your face downwards. Leave 5 to 15 minutes (for very dry skin, 20 minutes) and peel from your face. Massage your face with remaining essence on your face.

The next day morning after use, my skin turned to be softer and moisturized. A few visible pores on my nose seemed to be smaller. I feel the skin cleaner, not sure about whitening...maybe a little bit.

Skinpotion from Taiwan

I have been using Skinpotion products for more than 2 years. I had seen a lot of positive feedback from website before using Skinpotion products. I had tried almost all the products from them. Here are the summary of the products I tried:

1. Makeup remover: It's a liquid, like water. It's not as effective as La-Roche Posay makeup remover for sensitive skin. By comparing the cotton pad with each makeup remover after use, more makeup residues are found on the one with La-Roche. Feeling is good for both for my sensitive skin.

2. All the essences are good. They make me skin soft and even tone. I am not sure about the whitening essence since my skin is still not that pale...may be even my skin tone at bit. The most effective one is Magic Super B repair essence. The first day after use, I had already feel my skin had turned so much softer and moisturized.

3. Whitening mask: I do not like the smell and I do not see any whitening effect.

4. Moisturizing mask (Paper): Not much moisturizing effect.

5. Whitening mask (Paper): No positive effect.

Kanebo Collagen Firm facial mask

Kanebo Collagen Firm Facial Mask

Date of use: March 2008

Result: No change.

Feel: No obvious position result. I don't even feel that my face is moisturized.