Ultraskin Make Up Base SPF24 PA++

The product label claims that all the pores especially on the nose area will be disappeard after applying this product. I will post up the before/after pictures on my nose soon. (where I need to find a better lighting)

I got this product not for the minimizing effect of pores; however, I was looking for a makeup base to brighten up the skin for some days that I look very tired/dull. This is a great product with both brightening the skin tone and pore minimizing effects. Also, the products come with SPF 24 which is sufficient for sun protection.

The product comes with a plastic scoop which you can dap the liquid on the skin.

The texture is very lightweight and runny. (much lighter weight than the liquid foundation, and never give any cease on laughing line/under the eye) Great for summer and for people who are looking for a very natural sheer look.

How to use: Use the scoop the get the liquid out and dap on your skin. I use very little (2 drops) which can cover my whole face. I usually dap one drop on my forehead and face

Most of the time, I use foundation brush to blend the make up base evenly on my face. But I don't think that it's necessary to use foundation brush, it's just my preference, using fingers to blend the make up base is fine as well.

The make up base quickly blends in and I feel like I just put on a very water-based moisturizer.

I strongly recommended this product if you are looking for a radiant sheer look. The coverage is very light. It doesn't make any cakey look because of the moisturized formula. It gives a brightening effect instantly and even the tone of my face and last quite for a day. The base controls oil pretty good. Usually my nose will appear to be oily by noon, but after applying this make up base before my Laura Mercier mineral foundation, my make up last during the day. I don't have big pores problem, usually any other makeup base would help. So, I can't really make a comment.

The original price is 1050 Yen (~$12.2 CAN/11.2 U.S.). I got this product from Pacific Mall for $19.99 CAN. Later on, I just knew that I could actually buy it from Sasa for $10.2 U.S. which is cheaper than the price shown on the bottle. oh well...I paid for the consultation service since I was talking to the sales rep. in the store and asking for a brightening make up base and she recommended this product to me.


DonDon said...

very detailed review! thanks for showing me this =)

JHM said...

hey there! I just went to pmall today :D ~ I want to try this, I've only ever tried silicone-based primers like smashbox's. I like those because it helps almost eliminate my pores :D ~ And i see that you live in Canada! Have you ever tried the brand GOSH (from shoppers drug mart). I love it!