Diorsnow White Skincare Set Review & Shiseido warehouse haul

Diorsnow White Skincare Set Review
Here is the review/comment of Diorsnow White Skincare Set $49.99 U.S. after one week of use.
I bought it from Facial Shop.
1. White Radiance Foam Cleanser, 50ml - pretty drying after use. Not notice any difference of whitening effect on skin.
Note: I realized that whitening product requires a long time of use to see the difference. Most of the whitening products are drying my skin. This is the second whitening/brightening cleansers I had tried. Previously, I had finished two tubes of Shiseido White Lucent Foaming cleanser and I was looking for alternatives. Then, My skin had become dull, and breaking out without using Shiseido White Lucent cleanser. I just realized that the Shiseido White Lucent Foaming cleanser works!!! I would prefer Shiseido White Lucent cleanser instead of Dior's for few reasons: 1) I already know that Shiseido's works; 2) Dior's cleanser is much drying compared to Shiseido's cleanser. My skin probably out of balance by the time I finished the tube. 3) The price of Shiseido's is much cheaper compared with Dior's.
2. White Reveal Essence,10ml - not much difference after a week. I prefer Paul and Joe's whitening serum which provides enough hydration and whitening effects.
3. White Reveal Lotion Rich 2, 50ml - it's in "rich" formula.  The texture is more viscous compared to a toner for hydrating skin.
4. White Reveal UV Shield SPF50 PA+++,30ml - This is by far the best product in this set and one of my favourite sunscreen. (the other one is Clarins). It gives the highest SPF protection among all the sunscreens that I tried. The texture feels thick, but blends very nicely on skin and gives a radiant look.It doesn't cause my skin break out, and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. It is compatible with other skincare products/makeup as well.
A Dior cosmetic bag - I love this bag! Very pretty.
Made in France

Shiseido Warehouse Sales Haul
Here is my self-controlled Shiseido warehouse haul that I had in the weekend after 2 hours line-up. I had told myself not buying any skincare/cosmetics before my Hong Kong trip. I went with my friend and I intended to pick up two Foaming cleansers and leave....oh well and ended up with the rest of the products in the pictures,and few packs of the cotton pads that are not shown in the picture.

Shiseido warehouse sales offer up to 80% off for skincare/cosmetics of Shiseido & Nars, Orlane, perfumes, hair products. The prices in the warehouse sales are very good. Eyeshadow $6, lipgloss/lipstick$10, foundation $10-$15, eyeliner/lipliner $6. Skincare around 50% off.


Lancome Primordiale Yeux Skin Recharge eye cream

source: Lancome website

Claims for:
An ultra-smoothing cream-gel for a targeting action on eye contour 1st wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles. Better protected against premature aging, the eye contour looks younger. Visibly smoother, it reveals its luminosity.

This product comes in a jar 15mL. $72 CAN retail price. I got mine on sale in Lancome counter. You can find this product discounted in and

The texture is cream-gel like. It is quickly blended and absorbed to the skin. This eye cream is very hydrating and moisturizing without leaving any greasy feeling. It plumps up the under eye area and helps relieve the fine lines. As for the dark circle, I only have 5% product left in the container and I don't see any difference yet. I love this product because I have been trying alot of eye creams/gels. Either the product is not hydrating enough that the concealer looks cakey under the eye. Or the eye cream is too rich that there are some little bumps developed. Not e that I live in Toronto with dry/cold climate, this product is suitable for me. This product might not suitable for people who have oily skin. If you have combination skin and are looking for an eye cream that will give a better hydration than eye gel, give this product a try.

Sorry that I couldn't provide the ingredients for this product as I discarded the container box.
You can check lipglosseater for her review/ingredient listed posted.


Shiseido Warehouse Sale @ Toronto

Skin Care, Make up, Fragrance and Hair Care Sales Open for Public


Shiseido Inc
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, On
L3R 5P9


Nov 6th (VIP pass required)
Nov 7th - 9am to 5pm
Nov 8th - 9am to 3pm

Payment by cash, visa, mastercard and interac.

Expected to have line up since no passes required for Nov 7-8, 2009! Enjoy!


Sisley Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm 30ml/1oz Review

Source: Strawberrynet

I had finally finished using the second jar of this product and ready to write an review on it.
I bought mine at strawberrynet for $75 U.S. a year ago. Retail price now is: $140 U.S.

The product claims for:

  • Moisturizes and protects the lip and eye areas
  • Helps preventing fine lines and dryness
  • Diminishes under-eye puffiness. Apply in the morning.


Packaging: in a glass jar.

Texture: Clear gel, sticky feel

Smell: Light floral

This gel is very refreshing and easily absorbed. I feel that the under eye area is tightened (firmer) after use. However, my under eye dark circles and fine lines are still there after trying 2 jars of these products. This product is not moisturizing enough for my under eye area. I ended up applying another eye cream on top of this Sisley eye balm. I could not confirm if it really works for the under-eye puffiness as I do not have under eye bags.
I would recommend this product to the people who are early 20's looking for the very first eye cream for moisturizing and preventing fine lines.
There are better alternatives for people who have fine lines and need more hydration the under eye area.

Repurchase: Not anymore. I guess that my eye area needs more moisture as I age.