Products that I regretted buying in Q1 2014

I really want to love these two products but I'm not. I did some search before my purchase but unfortunately these two products do not work for me at all. I have used it for a week, and didn't see any results.  I also noticed that I had some little bumps after using them. They are too oily for me. 

As for the Estée Lauder even skin tone illuminator, it is in pearl colour. Light weight.  It gives a bit shine to the skin.  That's about it.  I'm still a bit confused if this is a skin care product or cosmetic product.  I think BB cream would give better skin are properties with evening skin tone.  

Lancôme dreamtone doesn't do anything for my freckles or scar spot from pimples. 

Too bad I just put them aside. It's just a waste.  

The Face Shop Product Review

Recently, I am so obsessed with the Korean culture from food, drama, show, skin care to cosmetics.  As for beauty items, I had only used BB cream (Skin79, Dr. Jart, and Missha) and skin are products from Missha and Lanegie.  So far, I'm very happy with the skin79 BB cream.

This month, I have explored to few other Korean brands and would love to share my experience.

The Face Shop

1. brightening rice water cleanser (CAN ~$15 for the big tube) and brightening rice water makeup oil
($14.95 CAN)
I'm very happy with these two cleaning products. I have used it for a month.  The cleaning power is good for removing any makeup except waterproof mascara/eyeliner. I do see that my face has brightened up right after use, not quite see much difference after 1 month of use.

Compared to other brightening cleansers, shiseido and Dior Snow, I would prefer this product to be used during winter as the other two products had dried out my skin too much. I still love the results from shiseido, and I would probably pick up the Shiseido one in the summer.

Love 5/5

2. Sheet Masks

There was promotion in the store at the time of my purchase. Buy 10 get 5 free.  I bought all different kinds.  So far, I have tried the cucumber and blueberry ones.  I don't have hugh hope or expectation. I was only looking for boosting the skin hydration level. Not bad for $2/mask. The scent is also appealing not like some weird smell from other brands.

3. CC cream

CC cream has been so popular in Asia and this concept has also extended to western countries. I have seen so many Western brands selling CC cream this year.  However if I ever buy a CC cream, I would prefer Korean brand. I also heard that the technology is 12 years ahead of the American brands in this sector.

This CC cream coverage is very sheer. It provides a matte look. Light feel. For a normal day, I would apply this CC cream with some concealer for the under eye dark circles. This product is not bad if you are looking for a product that only evening the skin tone. This product would be good got oily skin as well as it's very light feel.  For me, I would not buy it as I'm looking for a product that provides a radiant look with a bit more coverage.

Let me know if you come across any good Korean skin care or cosmetics products. :)