Pore Cleansing Products from Japan

Naris Up nose cleansing pack

step 1: apply step 1(essence) evenly to the clean area (nose, T-zone). The texture of the essence is very runny like water.
step 2: apply step 2(black mask) to T-zone. Wait for 10 mins and peel off the mask. The texture of the black mask is kinda sticky and thick, but easy enough to blend.
step 3: wash face again and apply toner, moisturizer etc. Use once/two times a week depending on your skin type.


Scent: no scent

Texture: I found that this mask is too dry and might be too harsh for me.

Results: When I peel the mask off, it's quite painful. I noticed some whiteheads be removed from the pores and seen on the mask. However, the dirt (yellow grain/oil) inside the pores is not cleaned completely. I still have to use tool to clean up the pores completely. (I really don't want to squeeze the pores because I found that the pores could get bigger if not treating properly).

Comments: I think that this product might be good for people who have oily skin with bigger pores. I had read reviews from other people mentioning that the whiteheads and blackheads could be effectively removed from pores.

Repurchase: No

Shills' Chocolate Mask

Usage: Dry the cleansed area and apply the mask on desired area. Peel it off after 20-30 minutes.

Type of mask: A peel off mask which is pretty similar to the Naris Up nose cleansing mask.

Scent: Chocolate odour. However, I smell a bit alcohol. ( I am quite sensitive to chemical because I used to work in the laboratory).

The mask is pretty thick and sticky, not as easier as the Naris up to blend the mask on skin.

Results: The direction asks for drying the mask for 20 -30 minutes. I think that 5-10 minutes is good enough. The effect is similar compared with the Naris Up. I feel more pain peeling off this mask than the one from Naris Up. Again, I think that this mask is good for people who have noticeable pores that would effectively remove the blackheads/whiteheads.

Repurchase: No. Not for my skin type.
SANA Pore Vacuumer

source: SANA
Usage: Apply the sufficient amount product on the desired area (dry and cleansed). Wet fingers and Massage the applied area for about 30 seconds. Rinse off with water thoroughly.


Scent: It has no scent.

Texture: The product is black paste with very fine granules.

Results: This product is my favourite for cleansing the clogged pores. After massaging the area with wet fingers, you will feel the warm sensations. After few seconds, I saw some yellow granules (sebum) rub out. Since I don't have whiteheads/blackheads often, when I saw the sebum in the pores could be cleaned easily. This product is my HG!!
After use, the skin is smooth without drying. I strongly recommend this product for people who have small pores on face.

Repurchase: Yes!

I found that some noticeable pores are getting smaller after using the above products. Since I have been using all of them recently, so I would give credits for the above products that having the pore minimizing effects.

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