Skin Care Routine

Here is my skincare routine pretty much everyday. I do have my skin for exfoliation once every week followed by clarifying mask. I know that the routine seems to be insane for some of the readers but that how I keep my skin clean, moisturized and protected.


Shiseido brightening cleanser ->it lasts quite a while because you only needs a penny size
Lancome toner -> the combination one in which I found a bit drying for me in winter
Beautymaker hydrating eye serum -> moisturizing
DDF eye gel --> optional ( I add this when the skin needs moisture boost)
DDF SPF 15 eye cream --> very light but moisturizing eye cream with sunscreen
Clarins Bi-phase serum --> very good for giving a moisture boost
Clarins Multi-day cream --> very lightweight but moisturizing day cream with the benefits of anti-aging ingredients
Dior UV white sunscreen --> looks thick but very absorbing sunscreen. I do feel that my skin looked paler when I first started using this product .now I do not see any whitening effects after few months.


Vichy 3 in 1 cleanser (for face) x2 --> very gentle cream cleanser for removing makeup (good for sensitive skin as well)
Bioderm sensitive (for eyes if heavy makeup had been applied) --> water texture. This product can get rid of any heavy eye makeup very effectively. Only a little bit placed on the cotton swab and apply it around the eye lid, all the makeup removed. The good thing about this product is that it doesn't sting my eyes.
Laneige Multi cleanser --> with some granules that can remove any dead skin cells at the same time.

Masks (depends on the condition of the skin the day of) : Favourite: Silk Whita, My Daily Beauty

Lancome toner
Origins Age-correcting serum with Rhodiola (only laugh lines, neck and under the eye area) --> it smooths out the undereye area. only needs one drop which can cover the under eye area and laugh lines. This bottle lasts forever.
Origins Perfect World moisturizer antioxidant with white tea --> The texture feels very rich, but only very little product can easily spread over the face and skin absorbs the product very quickly. So the product will go for a long period of time. Worth every penny!!!! The skin becomes very smooth immediately. The laugh lines seem to be smoother.
Origins Youthtopia Firming eye cream with Rhodiola --> similar texture of the moisturizer. My under eye area becomes very smooth and I notice that the fine lines are less defined.

I do have whitening routine as well. Pretty much using them alternative week.
Paul & Joe Whitening serum and Lancome whitening emulsion.

What is your skincare routine that you found effective? I would like to hear from you.

From the above product lists, I love Clarins and Origins!!! I love Clarins products which are very lightweight and I notice that my skin becomes more radiant after using the products. Excellent for use in summer. Recently, I got hooked on the Origins products which are amazing in terms of moisturizing and anti-agent results in a dry cold climate. The most important thing about Origins products are organic with 100% natural essential oils. My face didn't break out. I am not sure if the Origins products are suitable for me in summer, but definitely is a keep in winter. I would definitely recommend for people who already have some fine lines (normal to dry skin type).

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