Christmas Day

Time flies! I still remember that I started to hear Christmas songs on radio everyday a month ago. Now, the Christmas has just passed away. Again, No white Christmas this year! :(

I celebrated with my church friends on New year Eve with hot pot dinner! It was definitely a fun night with great quality fellowship time! I chatted with friends to catch up what's going on in their lives, played Wii and MJ. We stayed til 3 a.m. You can tell how much fun we had!!! :)

Surprisingly, we spent our time with Cl, Ce, J and E in the hospital on Christmas day this year. E went to the hospital the day before because of something blocking in his intestine. We had our Christmas Kringle at the lounge in the hospital. E looked really pale and skinny. He must had been going through since he started to feel pain in his stomach. I hope that he will get well soon!!

I had received so many gifts this year. Thank you so much for my Fiance always giving me surprises.
I received a pair of Leather Gloves from Christmas Kringle (from my Fiance). The box includes chocolate, pooh key chain. I was looking for a camera but was hesitated to buy one because I want to save up for the wedding. Even though I mentioned it to Thai, I couldn't think that he would buy a camera for me, not a normal one, he bought the newest model that has so many interesting features such as smile shutter, touch screen panel etc. I was so touched. This morning he surprised me with another gift. A box of gums. I know it is not a expensive gift, but this one really comes in handy at that moment. I am so touched! I feel that I am the most luckiest girl in the world.



Finally, I got to see "I am Legend". I went with S, T and T to Colossus IMAX. IMAX experience is really amazing with the surround sound and wide screen! The movie started with Will Smith is the only person that survives in the city, driving a nice car in a totally dead quiet cities with some deers running on the streets. He talked to his dog or the model doll like they are the real people. Those are quite funny shots! Later on in the movie, some monsters staying in the dark would come out at night to kill live stock to fill their stomach. It was freaky! Those monsters were actually being human-being before. With some kind of disease, those humans had been infected and acted like monsters. They have sensitive nose of blood and kill live stock including humans. Those being bited could been infected and turned out to be monsters too. Although Will smith was dead at the end, he had found out the cure for the people who got this kind of rare disease. It was a very intense movie where especially Will smith needs to fight with these monsters. It actually made me ponder...if one day I will face this situation.. We do notice that we have been producing garbage everyday (especially something that is not degradable), pollution everywhere in the world. How can we save the world?? I guess that at least I will do my part, do recycling, avoid using plastic thing that I can avoid...I still have to drive at least an hour to work, that carbon dioxide will be produced.


Auditing beginner Seminar

After work today, I went to attend the Auditing Seminar that is held by PSG. Before going to the seminar, I had about one and an half hours gap to browse around the stores in Yorkdale Mall. I want to get some new clothings since alot of old clothing had been worn out..and unfortunately, I could not fit in some of my old pants (gaining weight :( ) Although I have a great desire to get some stuff, I couldn't find anything good though. Then, I quickly had 2 slices of bread to fill up my stomach before heading to the seminar. I quickly glanced over the room involuntary when I got in, I recognized two people that I know. Christine and Laura were there! I said "Hi" to them and found a seat on the second row. The speaker, Julie, graduated in Industrial Engineering in University of Quebec in 2002 and have been working in Organon as QA associate for 5 years. In an hour, she had done a good job for highlighting the content of auditing. I do find that I only know the very surface area of this subject. I can't wait to start the course in Seneca. I hope that I can gain practical knowledge from the program so that whatever I learn would be beneficial to my performance at work in the near future. Hopefully by that time, my manager will give me some more changeling tasks. Oh well, I shouldn't have complained. My company is great in terms of benefits and working environment. Just need a bit more patient to wait for the opportunity!


Taipei Loveforever

Yesterday, my fiance and I went to Taipei Loveforever Studio for studio & outdoor wedding pictures. It was a quite interesting experience. We were there around 10 a.m. Two girls started to help me get dressed and do make-up on my face. First, one girl started to put foundation on my face when the other girl was using the curls to make my hair curly. In the meantime, I was excited to see how would I turn out to be. I also glanced quickly on what kind of cosmetics they used for professional makeup. I realized that they used a foundation pallet from cinema secrets, Kryloan's anti-shine powder and Shu Uemura Eye & other brand names' shadow palletes to do my makeup. I love the toner they put it on my face before the make-up. That toner is pretty rich in moisturizing and re-refreshing my skin. Unfortunately, the person in charge of my make over, Amy, bought that toner in Japan and forgot the name of the product. Anyways, I am very impressed about Amy's talents on make over. She is very creative. She can turn a piece of scraf (silk? polyester?) to a hair accessories. Also, she can arrange different styles of makeup and accessories based on my choice of dresses very quickly. Very impressive!! Now, let me talk about the photographers! I had met two photographers, one young and one older (he is the owner of the company). Both of them are very professional showing us how to pose. The studio itself has a lot of different backgrounds and lights. The owner suggested taking us to a place that is good for maple leaves. We are pretty satisfied the pictures taken at outdoor. The view is very nice in the pictures. The pictures look nice shown in the digital cameras. I hope that the pictures are going to be good in a larger scale.

Overall, I enjoy the pictures taken in studio and outdoor at Taipei Studio. I feel like that I were a superstar or a model going for some pictures in magazine.
I was kinda worried that the customer service would be worse after paying them. People there are actually pretty friendly yesterday, unlike the pushy sale lady I met on the other day. The owner even helped me to get the dress in the car...oh well..maybe he just cared about the dress, not me. Anyways, I enjoy the experience...however, the cost is very expensive compared to other studios.