SILK WHITIA Aromatherapy facial mask -ROSE

I got this mask from SaSa. When opening the package, you can feel that package is quite heavy. The mask is totally immersed with the mask liquid. Once taking the mask out and apply it on my face, the mask is quite sticky. I can still see alot of liquid inside the package. I rub the liquid to my neck, my legs and arms to get the maximum benefit from this package. The instruction on the package said that the mask should apply for 20 minutes and then rinse. After 20 minutes, I still felt that the mask is quite wet on my face. I took my mask off after 30 minutes, I thought that I would feel a film of mask residue on my face because the mask was quite sticky when I first applied. Amazing, the liquid is totally absorbed by the skin. It gave a radiant and smooth look. Then, I applied the serum and moisturizer without rinsing the skin, and went to sleep. This morning after cleaning my face, I can still feel that my skin is soft and smooth. It's very hydrating and also I can see quite a difference on my skin tone on my face and neck. My face is much more paler and brighter. I wish that this mask comes with the neck portion. My legs and arms are quite soft and smooth too.

This package is definitely worthy to repurchase again.


Products for removing scars

I developed a lot of scars from scratching, minor injury from cycling. Now, I feel troubled everytime when I need to wear dress/short in summer because my scars are very visible.

I had tried a few products and found that very useful. The scars do indeed fade. I have been using for a month, so hopefully those scars will be fade to be not noticeable if I keep on using the products.

1. Neostrata Smoothing Lotion - This product contains 10% glycolic acid. I was recommended by the sales representative in Shoppers drug mart.

2. Bio oil - It has a very positive reviews on the website.

Fully exfoliating the area you want to apply prior application would be very effective when using these products. First, I would apply the Neostrata lotion by rubbing in circular motion. This lotion is very absorbing. Then, apply Bio oil and keep rubbing in circular motion.

Added May 29.09:

I recently found a very good scar product. The best scar product that I have used so far. Jamieson Provitamina e, 28 mL, 100% pure oil. My scar can be seen to be one shade lighter after applying. Also, this product is good for any dry, rough spots. I used it for my thumbs' cuticle which is so dry that skin would peel off.