Regene Silk White Smooth Spongy Facial Mask

This mask is claimed to releasing white smooth essence for providing long lasting whitening effect.

When I opened the pouch, the mask is soaky with white fluid. After applying the mask on face, there is still so much fluid in the pouch, I applied it to my neck and hands.

After use, my skin looks brightened and refreshed. Whitening effect-Yes! but the next day, the whitening effect doesn't seem to last. I guess that I have to use mask every other day to keep the whitening effect on my face.

My skincare route is 1 cleaning mask and 1 moisturizing mask per week. Sometimes, when my skin becomes too sensitive during the weather, I would use Aveeno hydrating mask every day after washing the face, using it as a mask/moisturizer until my skin calm down without any irritation.


Borghese Fango Brilliante

I got this Borghese Fango Brilliante at The shopping channel for $42 (on sale price). It's expensive. I need a mud mask for even my skin tone and and deep cleansing. After reading the description of the mask and few reviews, this seems to be a perfect product for what I need. When I received this shipment, I was amazed that this product is hugh in size. I only needed very little amount to spread over my face. I had a stinging feeling on my face when I applied it. oh no..I thought that I would have allergic reaction to this mask. Actually, the stinging feeling disappeared after a minute. Upon 5 minutes, I feel the skin being so refreshed and cleaned after washing. I haven't seen the skin tone improved, but it seems to be a good mud mask for routine cleaning once a week. I only applied this mask to my T-zone area and chin. I don't use it for my cheek because this mask could dry out the skin.