Lunasol water cream foundation

Source: Lunasol website

My package from Adambeauty finally arrived. It's the Lunasol water cream foundation OC02. I heard the raves from Fuz and Jess and thank you for recommending this product on your blogs and also thank you for helping me to find the right shade.

The texture of the foundation is like gel-cream, like the Clarins gel-cream that I use. Since the product claims for containing 60% water, the foundation is easily blended to the skin without using any brush. Just like applying moisturizer with fingers, and the foundation is blended with the skin with good sheer coverage. The foundation also has brightening effect without cakey look. If you are looking for a very natural look with coverage, I strongly recommend you to try Lunasol water cream foundation. I got mine at Adambeauty for $48 U.S. The foundation comes in a container and a scoop. Upon opening the container, you will see a plastic lid over the foundation to protect the moisture within the foundation. Use the scoop to take some foundation out and dot it on forehead, nose, cheek, and chin. Afterward, I usually get rid of all the foundation from the scoop and wash the scoop with makeup remover. I haven't tested the lasting power of the foundation yet....will continue.

Finally, I found my favourite foundation!!! I am so happy! The shade of the foundation matches my skintone very well. Perfect! Now, my eyes are on the Lunasol eyeshadow palette. Maybe I will get them when I travel to HongKong in November.


Jennifer said...

how did you find your color? i am a nc20-25/ bare minerals fairly light1.2- what color do you think i would be in lunasol?

Beauty Basics said...

Hi Jennifer,

When I tried to find my colour, I did research on the Lunasol website, You can look up the website for the shade chart.

I also searched for other people's blogs (that we might have common shade of other foundations that used) and see what colour they picked.

I think that you are either Y002 or OC002 depending on the undertone of your skin. If you have yellow undertone, then Y002 would be the choice. If you have Porcelain, then OC002 or OC001 would be the choice.

I found that the shades of Lunasol foundation won't be making too much difference than your skin, because the coverage is pretty sheer. Your natural skin colour will reflect out.

Hope this helps.