Products for removing scars

I developed a lot of scars from scratching, minor injury from cycling. Now, I feel troubled everytime when I need to wear dress/short in summer because my scars are very visible.

I had tried a few products and found that very useful. The scars do indeed fade. I have been using for a month, so hopefully those scars will be fade to be not noticeable if I keep on using the products.

1. Neostrata Smoothing Lotion - This product contains 10% glycolic acid. I was recommended by the sales representative in Shoppers drug mart.

2. Bio oil - It has a very positive reviews on the website.

Fully exfoliating the area you want to apply prior application would be very effective when using these products. First, I would apply the Neostrata lotion by rubbing in circular motion. This lotion is very absorbing. Then, apply Bio oil and keep rubbing in circular motion.

Added May 29.09:

I recently found a very good scar product. The best scar product that I have used so far. Jamieson Provitamina e, 28 mL, 100% pure oil. My scar can be seen to be one shade lighter after applying. Also, this product is good for any dry, rough spots. I used it for my thumbs' cuticle which is so dry that skin would peel off.

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