Excellent Collagen Mask

Excellent Collagen Mask -Product of Japan
Formulated with active ingredient from Natural Extract

I got this mask free when I placed an order at Sasa. This mask claims to make the skin to be firm, healthy and radiant.

Action: Rich in bio-marine elastane, the mask improves muscle tissue elasticity restoring its smoothness and firmness o the skin. Toning, restructuring, this mask also cleanses the skin, helps it to eliminate impurities and restores the hydro content of the upper layers of the skin.

To use: Apply mask onto cleansed face. Fit cut-off portions over eyes and mouth. Tap lightly with a finger until mask completely adheres to skin. Leave for 20-25 minutes and rinse with water. Use twice a week.

The skin seems to be whitened after the application. The skin tends to be dry. Water-based moisturizer would be beneficial after use. I feel the skin a bit tightened, but the pores on the skin seem to be the same, not minimized. (although I don't have large pores, but the some pores on my nose are visible) I wouldn't recommend to purchase it. Not much effect.

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