Finally, I got to see "I am Legend". I went with S, T and T to Colossus IMAX. IMAX experience is really amazing with the surround sound and wide screen! The movie started with Will Smith is the only person that survives in the city, driving a nice car in a totally dead quiet cities with some deers running on the streets. He talked to his dog or the model doll like they are the real people. Those are quite funny shots! Later on in the movie, some monsters staying in the dark would come out at night to kill live stock to fill their stomach. It was freaky! Those monsters were actually being human-being before. With some kind of disease, those humans had been infected and acted like monsters. They have sensitive nose of blood and kill live stock including humans. Those being bited could been infected and turned out to be monsters too. Although Will smith was dead at the end, he had found out the cure for the people who got this kind of rare disease. It was a very intense movie where especially Will smith needs to fight with these monsters. It actually made me ponder...if one day I will face this situation.. We do notice that we have been producing garbage everyday (especially something that is not degradable), pollution everywhere in the world. How can we save the world?? I guess that at least I will do my part, do recycling, avoid using plastic thing that I can avoid...I still have to drive at least an hour to work, that carbon dioxide will be produced.

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