Auditing beginner Seminar

After work today, I went to attend the Auditing Seminar that is held by PSG. Before going to the seminar, I had about one and an half hours gap to browse around the stores in Yorkdale Mall. I want to get some new clothings since alot of old clothing had been worn out..and unfortunately, I could not fit in some of my old pants (gaining weight :( ) Although I have a great desire to get some stuff, I couldn't find anything good though. Then, I quickly had 2 slices of bread to fill up my stomach before heading to the seminar. I quickly glanced over the room involuntary when I got in, I recognized two people that I know. Christine and Laura were there! I said "Hi" to them and found a seat on the second row. The speaker, Julie, graduated in Industrial Engineering in University of Quebec in 2002 and have been working in Organon as QA associate for 5 years. In an hour, she had done a good job for highlighting the content of auditing. I do find that I only know the very surface area of this subject. I can't wait to start the course in Seneca. I hope that I can gain practical knowledge from the program so that whatever I learn would be beneficial to my performance at work in the near future. Hopefully by that time, my manager will give me some more changeling tasks. Oh well, I shouldn't have complained. My company is great in terms of benefits and working environment. Just need a bit more patient to wait for the opportunity!

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