Christmas Day

Time flies! I still remember that I started to hear Christmas songs on radio everyday a month ago. Now, the Christmas has just passed away. Again, No white Christmas this year! :(

I celebrated with my church friends on New year Eve with hot pot dinner! It was definitely a fun night with great quality fellowship time! I chatted with friends to catch up what's going on in their lives, played Wii and MJ. We stayed til 3 a.m. You can tell how much fun we had!!! :)

Surprisingly, we spent our time with Cl, Ce, J and E in the hospital on Christmas day this year. E went to the hospital the day before because of something blocking in his intestine. We had our Christmas Kringle at the lounge in the hospital. E looked really pale and skinny. He must had been going through since he started to feel pain in his stomach. I hope that he will get well soon!!

I had received so many gifts this year. Thank you so much for my Fiance always giving me surprises.
I received a pair of Leather Gloves from Christmas Kringle (from my Fiance). The box includes chocolate, pooh key chain. I was looking for a camera but was hesitated to buy one because I want to save up for the wedding. Even though I mentioned it to Thai, I couldn't think that he would buy a camera for me, not a normal one, he bought the newest model that has so many interesting features such as smile shutter, touch screen panel etc. I was so touched. This morning he surprised me with another gift. A box of gums. I know it is not a expensive gift, but this one really comes in handy at that moment. I am so touched! I feel that I am the most luckiest girl in the world.

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