Spring skincare staples for sensitive skin

My skin becomes easily irritated and dehydrated during Spring. There are little bumps (whiteheads) here and there. I pretty much need to shuffle all my winter products away. 


In times, I avoid using any vitamin C, PCA, or acne products. I learnt that acne products which are supposed to treat my whiteheads tend to make my skin worse and dry.  

因我有雀班,平常晚上我也會加vitamin C serum 或一些美白產品。但我都會暫時停止使用,直到皮膚穩定。

There are a few skincare staples that can keep my skin hydrated and calm during this transition. 


1. Vichy foaming cleanser for sensitive skin 

This cleanser is amazing. Great power to remove light makeup without stripping my skin dry. 


2. Vicky mist spray

Use this right after washing my face. I feel so good. The spray smooths and clam the skin. 

十分滿意這spray. 感覺我的皮膚立刻補水。

3. Cetaphil moisturizing lotion -sensitive skin. 

這lotion 簡單,沒加任何香料,鎖水一流。

4. Spot treatment 
Biacna topical gel - clindamycin phosphate 1.2% w/w and tretinolin 0.025% w/w


5. Sunscreen -Bioderma photoderm spray SPF 40 

This sunscreen is very lightweight. It creates a bit white cast after applying but it disappears once blending in. 

Sunscreen 不可缺少。要有很好的防曬功能。塗上後,完全感覺不到!

I hope this helps for anyone who has dehydrated skin and experience irritation causing acne in Spring. All these products are easily accessible in Shoppers Drug Mart. The Biacna spot treatment is a prescription though. 

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