Fresh sugar lip serum advanced therapy

I received this Fresh sugar lip serum sample with my recent Sephora order. This is a 2 ml sample and last me 1 month. I only used it at night. 
This ingredient list is listed below.  The main ingredients: 
- Acmella Fliwer Extract: reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles. 
-Kigelia Africaba Fruit Extract: helps to improve elasticity. 
-Sugar: helps to moisturizer and soothe. 
I opened the sachet and kept the sample in a closed tight container. It's a yellowish light-weight cream.  It doesn't have any smell. After applying, I could feel the cream sink into my lip with feeling greasy. 
It only takes one drop to cover my lip area. I massage it into my lip. You can see that my lip already looks smooth after the first use. 

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