Lancome High Definition Mascara & Fiberwig Mascara

Fiberwig has been a big hits in Asia.  I was glad to pick this up during my Hong Kong trip because it costs so much more in Canada.

Fiberwig- claim to lengthen, separate and define lashes.

Before applying mascara:

After applying Fiberwig mascara:

I also compare with Lancome High Definition Mascara which also claims to lengthen & define lashes.  I got it as a gift when purchasing other Lancome products.
Left : Lancome Definition Mascara; Right: Fiberwig Mascara  (my dark circle is getting bigger...need some sleep)

I love how the natural look created. Both mascaras do work for what they claim: Lengthens & defines lashes. Both of the mascaras dry pretty fast, without giving any black marks around my eyes.  Lasting power for both are good that my eye lashes stay curled after 8 hours. Which one do you like better?

Personally, I think that these two mascaras ($31 CAN)  are bit too pricy for me.  My favourite drug store mascara is Maybelline.

What is your favourite mascara?


Angie said...

thanks for subbing :D ! i love fiberwig because i growww lashes with it haha. the trick is to use 3 coats and let it dry between each coat. with one coat fiberwig is about as good as any drugstore mascara but it layers without clumping and adds so much length : ) hope that helps!

Beauty Basics said...

Thank you for your comment. I will try your suggestion!