Cosline Pomegrante Whitening Mask

I bought a small pouch for $1 from Sasa. This product claims for whitened and brighten the skin after use. Efficient for getting rid of the "yellowish" tone of Asian skin. The ingredients are not listed on the packaging. Even though the ingredients are listed, I won't understand Korean Language.  


Type of mask: Wash-off

Scent: Very good. The scent is like as much as the real Pomegranate fruit scent.

Texutre:  Gel-like texture that easily blend on skin.  I think that I use half of the pouch to cover my face and neck.

1st time use:
The skin looks smoother. But that's about it. No whitening effect at all. Will I repurchase? Definitely not even though it's for a dollar.
A buyer from Sasa mentioned that the white heads would be easily squeezed out after using this mask. I will try it next time since I already put moisturizer on my face. Actually, I tried not to squeeze any dirt from my face. I didn't have any pores before; however, I noticed that my nose pores become noticible as I started to squeeze the white heads out of my nose.

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