Products that I regretted buying in Q1 2014

I really want to love these two products but I'm not. I did some search before my purchase but unfortunately these two products do not work for me at all. I have used it for a week, and didn't see any results.  I also noticed that I had some little bumps after using them. They are too oily for me. 

As for the Estée Lauder even skin tone illuminator, it is in pearl colour. Light weight.  It gives a bit shine to the skin.  That's about it.  I'm still a bit confused if this is a skin care product or cosmetic product.  I think BB cream would give better skin are properties with evening skin tone.  

Lancôme dreamtone doesn't do anything for my freckles or scar spot from pimples. 

Too bad I just put them aside. It's just a waste.  

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