Favourites skincare products in winter

It's been the long time I haven't blogged.  I found out my first pregnancy in July last year and have been very busy with the preparation of the little one's arrival.

The Toronto's weather is cold and dry.  My skin has changed from combination type in summer to normal (more to the dry, not sure if it's because of the pregnancy). Never thought of cleansing part would play such a significant role in skincare regime. I used to just use the same foaming cleanser for the whole year.  However, the foaming cleanser really dries my skin in winter.  Whatever moisturizer and moisturizing serum I applied after are not going to absorb well on skin and actually made the skin oily and greasy afterward.

This year, I have tried a few new products and love them!  I love the result: smooth, radiant and supple skin!!

1.  Laneige Moisturizing cleaning balm(Very Dry to Dry skin)

Price: $20 CAN @Amore (bought it on sale)

Description: This is a butter like textured cleansing balm easily removes heavy, waterproof makeup without irritation or dryness. Delicately removes even heavy makeup with comfort and easy to rinse off. It contains Borage oil and natural vitamin E moisturize and prevent skin irritation.

My skin has never been so soft. moisturized and clean after using a cleansing agent.  I could sleep without putting any lotion/cream during those lazy days.

2. Jurlique Replenishing Foaming cleanser -feels very clean, soft and moisturized.  No greasy or tight feel. Perfect to use in winter.

3.  Lancome Toner (Pink)- the must have toner for me in winter for easy absorption of my serum/cream afterward.

4.  Dr. Wu hydrating serum- like water-texture.  Easily absorbed. 

5.  Vitacream B12 (made in Switzerland)

This cream has been very popular in Asia!  The product comes in an Aluminium tube.  The cream is in pink with very light rosy scent.  It's very moisturizng and easily absorbed.

6.  Cranbree and Everyln hand cream!! a must in the winter!

7.  Kose Rose of Heaven Lip Essence. I got this from ebay but also found this in adambeauty in a cheaper price later on.  The only remedy for my chapped lip.  I have tried all different brands/price range lip balm and this is the only one works for me.  Just name a few, I have Smith's Rosebud Salve, La Mer Lip blam, Aveeno lip balm, Neutrogena, Caudalie..etc.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Congratulations!!! =D

I love Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream too.

InsideOut Elle said...

Aww congratulations on the little one! And I like the vitacreme b12 very much as well :)