Moisturizer for hydration needs

Moisturizer for hydration is essential in skincare regime. Dehydrated skin symptoms- The skin will appear sallow, dull and oily (excessive oil production). Texture tends to be coarse and skin is rather thick with developing of deep wrinkles.

Here are some reviews of moisturizers below that I had used recently for hydration needs.  For your reference, I have combination skin in summer, and tend to on the dry skin side in winter.  Skin is slightly sensitive during seasonal change: skin tend to be dry and have pimples/bumps.

H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

Price: $48 CAN for 50 ml (with tax, $54.24 CAN)   $0.96CAN/ml

Claims for:  hydrates the skin while firming and diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Active Ingredients: Marine extracts of wakame, sea lettuce, and sea fennel, provide vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B nourish and protect the skin.

Texture: light blue gel

Packaging: the product comes in a glass gel. 

Scent: Signature refreshing H2O gel.  I found that the scent is pretty strong.

Comments: It blends like liquid on face.  It feels sticky at first; after massaging for a while, the gel is totally absorbed.  I use this product in summer, and I don't like the sticky feeling and it takes time to massage the moisturizer to be absorbed.  Also, it doesn't get along with my other skincare products like serums/whitening products that will give residues. Hydration is not good enough for my skin.  Not notice of any firming effects and reducing fines lines. I gave it away to my sister who has acne-prone skin and she finds that this product is good for her. 

Repurchase: No.  Not for my skin.

Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-gel-Normal to Combination Skin or Hot Climates

Price: $48 CAN for 50mL. $0.96 CAN/ml

Claims for: ensures a matte finish and long-wearing make-up, along with optimal hydration,

Active ingredient:
- Katafray extract restores cohesion of the corneal layer to prevent moisture loss.
- Inca Peanut oil effectively restores the protective hydrolipidic film.
- Hyaluronic acid, a natural skin component capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water, increases hydration.
- Alfalfa extract dramatically boosts the production of collagen, intensively regenerates, firms, and minimizes premature wrinkles.

Packaging: Similar to H2O moisturizer.  Plastic lid and glass jar.  However, the glass container is more sturdy.

Texture: Light creamy gel in beige. Thicker texture than H2O.

Scent: Light floral scent.

Comments: It feels light and easily absorbed to skin with matte finish.  For your reference, I do not have big pores.  Only have a few visible small pores on nose. After use, I barely see my pores.I finished this jar in summer and I love it .  It goes well with my other serum/whitening products and makeup products as well.  My skin looks more radiant (How can I find out?  My skin loses the radiant glow slightly when this jar is finished and move on to another product).  This product does what it claims for.  Thumb up for this product.

Repurchase: Definitely for use in summer. It is not hydrating enough for winter use tho.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream -Normal to Dry skin 

Price, packaging, scent are exactly the same as the Clarins HyraQuench Cream-gel

Active ingredients: 
-Hyaluronic acid: helps skin maintain its moisture level.
-Katafray bark: restructures the corneal layer, limits dehydration.
-Sorbier tree bud: stimulates microcirculation.
-E3P Anti-Pollution Complex: protects skin aga


As I am so in love with the cream-gel formulation in summer, I didn't expect that this product will give me disappointment.  After few use, my skin started to break-out.  I stopped to use for a week, and tried to go back and break-out happened again.  I really wanted to love this product.  oh well, it's just not for me.  I refunded this product. 

Repurchase: Definitely NO!
Dr. G Hydra Intensive Cream

Price: $39.6 CAN for 50mL  $0.80 CAN/ml

Active ingredients:
  • Evening Primrose Oil Extract: Moisturize Skin and encouraging blood circulation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturize Skin
  • Ceramide 3: Moisturizing and Claming
  • E Tocopheryl Acetate: anti-oxidization., Moisturize Skin.
  • Lecithin: Anti-oxidization., Moisturize Skin, encouraging cell reborn.
  • Glycerin: Soften and Moisturize Skin.

Scent: Lightest scent among all the products above.  Unless you sniff it very hard, otherwise, it's very hard to smell any scent.

Packaging: plastic lid and jar.  Upon opening, there is primary cover to the cream in the jar.  The jar is not appealing.

Texture: Creamy gel. Looks much thicker compared to H2O moisturizer and Clarins Cream-gel.


I picked this product at Sasa in HK. After 16 hours direct flight from Canada to HK, I desperately look for a hydrated moisturizer that will give a boost to my skin.  This product answers my prayer. The first touch of the cream I thought that the cream was rich.  However, once it's blended on skin, it feels like a splash of water release to skin with lasting hydrating effect.  It's easily absorbed without too much massaging.  I gently dap the moisturizer on skin.

Repurchase: Definitely.  The price is the cheapest among all.

Although choosing the right moisturizer for yourself is important, there are other recommendations that will help your skin hydration level:

1) Avoid using soap for face cleansing.

2) Drink sufficient water during the day. Recommended to have 8 glasses of water daily.

3) Skin tend to be dehydrated within the dry atmosphere of air conditioned and/or overheated environment.  Place another layer of moisturizer during the day if necessary.

4) Avoid hot shower or hot water for face cleaning that would remove sebum from the skin's surface.

5) Toner: avoid using the formulation with alcohol (drying effect)

6) Scrubs: Use the gentle scrub and only once a week.

7) Cut down the intake of coffee, tea and salt.

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