Skinpotion from Taiwan

I have been using Skinpotion products for more than 2 years. I had seen a lot of positive feedback from website before using Skinpotion products. I had tried almost all the products from them. Here are the summary of the products I tried:

1. Makeup remover: It's a liquid, like water. It's not as effective as La-Roche Posay makeup remover for sensitive skin. By comparing the cotton pad with each makeup remover after use, more makeup residues are found on the one with La-Roche. Feeling is good for both for my sensitive skin.

2. All the essences are good. They make me skin soft and even tone. I am not sure about the whitening essence since my skin is still not that pale...may be even my skin tone at bit. The most effective one is Magic Super B repair essence. The first day after use, I had already feel my skin had turned so much softer and moisturized.

3. Whitening mask: I do not like the smell and I do not see any whitening effect.

4. Moisturizing mask (Paper): Not much moisturizing effect.

5. Whitening mask (Paper): No positive effect.

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